Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy One Year Birthday!

"One year ago today, Pepper came home to my world. She has been a complete joy and so much fun and light ever since.

THANK YOU, Nannette and the Stonepine/Heatherhill family!

Woofs and wiggles, Jenny and Pepper"

Dylan in Oregon!

"We are EXTREMELY happy with Dylan and he seems to be happy too; he is relaxed and playful, silly. People who have been over and are familiar with Aussies, say he seems more calm than others they have experienced.

He has been very quick to learn. I haven't tried to teach him much except to sit and certain times, such as before I put his leash on and after coming in from outside so I can wipe the rain off. But there is a lot he learns everyday about the household, who gets what food where, how to safely play with the cats, etc. My thought on obedience was that if I have a choice of classes, one being all Aussies, then that would probably be the most helpful for me and hopefully the most beneficial for Dylan as well. I was happy with where I took Thorvald and the next classes there begin in January and that was a mixed breed class, so that is always on option.  

Dylan likes to ride in the car and jumps into the seat readily. I have been taking him daily to a 20 acre off-leash dog park and letting him and Thorvald run and socialize while I walk a little over 2 miles. He really enjoys that and is doing well with other dogs. He doesn't display submissive behavior but is also not aggressive so I would say has a healthy self esteem. He's doing just fine eating in the crate and being there when I do errands. Other than those times, he is following me around.

Please know that Dylan is well loved and gets a lot of care each day. He is a welcome member of the family and knows it. Thank you for such a wonderful dog - Diana"