Friday, April 5, 2013

Rosalie-Turner LItter Week 4

The Rosalie-Turner litter is four weeks old today. Pictured left to right above: Black tri girl 1, Black tri girl 2, Blue merle boy 1, Blue merle boy 2 (in back) and Black tri boy. The puppies started on their "natural" (raw) diet this week. Their puppy milk teeth are growing quickly and their motor skills increase daily. The are still nursing, but have learned to drink water and and starting to look at and consider using the sawdust to "do their business" (the first steps to house training!). They have been on several new surfaces this week and today will be their first day out in the big world for "walkies!" They recognize me, and rush to snuggle. They are now able to crawl all over my body, lick my face and clothes. This is absolutely my most favorite age. I never tire of them.