Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Puppy Titer and Health Tests

Puppy titer test blood draw
Puppy Health Exam
It is that time at Stonepine Aussies...the Sash-Turner litter are almost ready to go home. But before that happens each puppy receives a blood titer test to determine their antibody levels for Parvovirus and Distemper virus.

The results of this test tell us if the puppy requires a vaccine or if the mom's maternal antibodies are still hard at work protecting the babies. This is an ongoing project to improve the immune system of our puppies with a dedication and focus on the overall health and longevity of each puppy.

The puppies were in outstanding health according to the veterinarians, probably in part due to their wonderful diet of puppy formula green tripe (www.greentripe.com); the excellent care from their mom Sash and a little help from me.

Thanks to Dr's Gwen and George for their support our  journey to breeding and raising healthy dogs!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sash-Turner Litter Week 7

Black Tri Female: slated for great things!

Doggy Home Decorating

The reason that dog people have leather furniture!

So true about leather furniture!!!  With one dog I managed, but when I got Jazz I knew I needed to make a change.  I had Salvation Army come and pick up my old couch and it had so much dog hair on it that they didn't want to take it!  My new couch was coming that afternoon and I guessed I looked panicked enough that they gave in!  Jazz also convinced me to replace my carpets with laminate.  She has been an expensive little luxury!"
Kathy and Jazz

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

"Merry Christmas from Sammy's family. I sound like a broken record but we are so in love with her and can't imagine our family without her. She's everyone's favorite family member. People stop us all the time to comment on her beauty. Truly, she is even prettier on the inside. Thank you again for her!"

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sash Turner Litter Week 6!

Well, the best laid plans. There are actually six puppies in the litter. I had intentions of filming video of the litter this afternoon (a day early!). I shot some fun video clips, got several nice still shots and when I went to download I evidently maxed out my memory card and NONE of the video clips survived. More tomorrow I promise!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy One Year Birthday!

"One year ago today, Pepper came home to my world. She has been a complete joy and so much fun and light ever since.

THANK YOU, Nannette and the Stonepine/Heatherhill family!

Woofs and wiggles, Jenny and Pepper"

Dylan in Oregon!

"We are EXTREMELY happy with Dylan and he seems to be happy too; he is relaxed and playful, silly. People who have been over and are familiar with Aussies, say he seems more calm than others they have experienced.

He has been very quick to learn. I haven't tried to teach him much except to sit and certain times, such as before I put his leash on and after coming in from outside so I can wipe the rain off. But there is a lot he learns everyday about the household, who gets what food where, how to safely play with the cats, etc. My thought on obedience was that if I have a choice of classes, one being all Aussies, then that would probably be the most helpful for me and hopefully the most beneficial for Dylan as well. I was happy with where I took Thorvald and the next classes there begin in January and that was a mixed breed class, so that is always on option.  

Dylan likes to ride in the car and jumps into the seat readily. I have been taking him daily to a 20 acre off-leash dog park and letting him and Thorvald run and socialize while I walk a little over 2 miles. He really enjoys that and is doing well with other dogs. He doesn't display submissive behavior but is also not aggressive so I would say has a healthy self esteem. He's doing just fine eating in the crate and being there when I do errands. Other than those times, he is following me around.

Please know that Dylan is well loved and gets a lot of care each day. He is a welcome member of the family and knows it. Thank you for such a wonderful dog - Diana"

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dylan is Available!

This is an earlier picture of Dylan who is now six months old. He is wonderfully outgoing, leash trained, crate trained and is going to be a smaller male as an adult. This picture does not do him justice. His sparkling blues eyes are surrounded by brilliant copper trim.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Missing Warren...

It is with very heavy heart that I announce that Warren Teitelman, proud owner of Pirate (Stonepine Blue Eyed Buccaneer), died suddenly and unexpectedly Monday morning, August 12.

The post below was just on my Facebook page (August 8th) as I was thrilled to attend and cheer Warren and Pirate on at their most recent agility trial last weekend.
"Another successful pet owner doing fun things with his dog. Proud! Congratulations to Warren and Pirate and a fun weekend at the outstanding PASA agility trial. Nice results for such a young team (Pirate just turned 2!)
Q in Open Gambler
Q in Open Standard - 2nd place. 3.37 YPS
Q in Elite Standard - 3rd place. 3.90 YPS
Q in Elite Jumpers - 2nd place. 6.30 YPS
Q in Elite Jumpers - 4.86 YPS

Titles Earned this weekend:
Open Standard - RS-O
Elite Jumpers - JS-E."

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Proud as a Peach!

"Peaches and I started K9 Nose Work(r) training in early 2012.  At that time there were no Certified Nose Work Instructors in San Diego County so I joined the Instructors' program.

Peaches started as an undisciplined little bitch running from box to box for food.  We practiced and practiced and she has now become a methodical worker who hunts with precision.  She has earned her NW2 Title.  That is not to say she doesn't occasionally slip back into her more amusing moods.  I used her as a demo dog in a class right after we returned from the NW2 trial.  She checked every box, jumped the search are barrier and then jumped back in.  She checked all the boxes again and (I swear she winked at me) and proceeded to alert on the several hides.  She didn't want the game to end!

Peaches is my best teacher and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Sometimes more mischievous too."

Connie Kelly, CNWI & Peaches, NW2

Monday, July 22, 2013

Boulder goes Breed from the Classes!

Congratulations to owner Sharon Ruppel, Hemlock Australian Shepherds. Stonepine Like a Rock, "Boulder" went Best of breed from the classes this weekend!

Sammy at Six!

Sammy (Fallon x Stoney litter) welcomes the newest addition to the family. Congratulations to all!

Dock Diving

"Jazz," owned, trained and loved by Kathy Murphy leads quite and active lifestyle...vacations, hiking in Lake Tahoe, agility, obedience, beach runs. And now! Ta Dah! Jazz does dock diving!

Surf is now Pepper!

"Pepper" (previously known as "Surf") enjoying a gorgeous San Francisco day with her new family!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rethinking early spay-neuter

New science regarding the unintended health consequences associated with early spay-neuter.

Breeders are dedicated to producing healthier dogs. When new data and research is presented we listen. Not all health afflictions related to the Australian Shepherd are genetic. There are many conditions that are environmental, caused by myriad of factors. As breeders and owners we can do something about the environmental factors immediately.

As a result of current scientific evidence, it has been determined that early spay-neuter can have a huge impact on the rate of incidence of hip dysplasia. Based on this research and the advice of veterinarians, Stonepine Australian Shepherds is altering their puppy guarantee contract to reflect this evidence.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Like the new digs!

Gretta (Ch. Heatherhill Creedence "Jeep" x Heatherhill Gold Rush "Mika" 2005 litter) pictured in her new digs in Georgia. Happy new homecoming to Lisa and Jeffrey as well. Gretta looks quite at home in the south!

Friday, May 24, 2013

World Dog Show: Budapest, Hungary

Ch. Stonepine Jaded "E.D." and I just returned from competing at the World Dog Show in Budapest, Hungary. E.D. now has ASCA/AKC and HUNGARIAN Championships and was the Reserve World Winner female at the WDS. She won a large and competitive Open class at two shows in Hungary. What a fun experience for us both. Many thanks to our fellow competitors and all the winners. Hearty kudos to the Hungarian Kennel Club for hosting a show of this magnitude. What an gorgeous country!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Australian Shepherd Journal Advertisement: Mya

Eden Oak's Oh My Heaven (sired by Ch. Heatherhill Double-O Heaven "Cazz") recent Australian Shepherd Journal ad (March-april 2013 issue).

Australian Shepherd Journal Advertisement: Jazz

Stonepine Red Hot Jazz "Jazz" recent Australian Shepherd Journal ad (March-Apri 2013 issue).

Australian Shepherd Journal Advertisement: Haily

Stonepine Silk Kimono "Hailey" recent Australian Shepherd Journal ad (March-April 2013 issue).

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rosalie-Turner Litter Week 5

Two of the five offspring of the Rosalie (Stonepine's Gambling with Energies)  x  Turner (Ch. Heatherhill No Stone Unturned). Pictured left to right are a blue merle boy and a black tri girl. Week 5 is a favorite of mine. They have discovered toys; take daily walkies; have learned to drink water and are eating a raw, natural diet supplemented by mom's milk. They still have puppy breath!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Elle and Polly

Elle, named after model Elle McPherson, pictured with her owner Polly Bloomberg. Elle is from the 2008 Sash (Ch. Stonpine Sheer Silk) x Trump (Stonepine Makes Cents) litter.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rosalie-Turner LItter Week 4

The Rosalie-Turner litter is four weeks old today. Pictured left to right above: Black tri girl 1, Black tri girl 2, Blue merle boy 1, Blue merle boy 2 (in back) and Black tri boy. The puppies started on their "natural" (raw) diet this week. Their puppy milk teeth are growing quickly and their motor skills increase daily. The are still nursing, but have learned to drink water and and starting to look at and consider using the sawdust to "do their business" (the first steps to house training!). They have been on several new surfaces this week and today will be their first day out in the big world for "walkies!" They recognize me, and rush to snuggle. They are now able to crawl all over my body, lick my face and clothes. This is absolutely my most favorite age. I never tire of them.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rosalie-Turner Litter Week 3

Rosalie (Stonepine Gambling with Energie) x Turner (Ch. Heatherhill No Stone Unturned) litter born March 8, 2013 turns three weeks old today. Our eyes are open, we have undergone early neurological stimulation, new surfaces, have changed environments and are incredibly happy and healthy.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Herding Lessons 101

Warren Teitelman and Pirate, "Stonepine Blue Eyed Bucaneer" exhibiting great teamwork at lessons today. Pirate shows nice balance and is rating his stock. Warren is taking to George Costa's lessons with the skill of a seasoned pro! Well done you two!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Ch. Stonepine Jaded (Ch. Heatherhill No Stone Unturned x Ch. Heatherhill Jada De Ville)


Ch. Stonepine Sheer Silk (Ch. Heatherhill Double-O Heaven x Ch. Stonepine Silk)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Stonepine Red Hot Jazz

Congratulations are long overdue for the dynamic duo of Kathy Murphy and Jazz (Ch. Crazyhearts Talk to Me "TJ" x Ch. Stonepine Shiraz "Rozz"). Jazz's current titles are: RE AX AXJ OF RS-E JS-E GS-O. So very proud of the team!

Dripping in Winning Ribbons!

Pirate wins big at the Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association agility trials! Three new titles and Novice High in Trial winner!

New Titles!

At 19 months of age Pirate (aka Stonepine Blue Eyed Buccaneer) had quite the outing at his very first ASCA agility trial. According to his owner and handler, Warren Teitelman, "Pirate Q'ed 8 times. Four firsts, three seconds, and a fourth place. He earned his Novice Gambler (GS-N), Novice Jumpers (JS-N) and Novice Standard (RS-N) titles,and he was Novice High in Trial. On his four standard runs, he had three first places and one second.

"One thing I am proud of is that there were three runs in which he ran past a jump he should have taken,and he Q'ed on all three. This speaks both to my handling ability, and being able to keep calm,as well as to his speed. 

"And most important of all, he seemed to really enjoy himself, was not stressed, did not sniff, and never broke a start line stay."

Pirate also competed in the breed ring for the first time in the Open Blue class and earned a 2nd place among some tough competition under Breeder Judge Sue Holtz!