Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Missing Warren...

It is with very heavy heart that I announce that Warren Teitelman, proud owner of Pirate (Stonepine Blue Eyed Buccaneer), died suddenly and unexpectedly Monday morning, August 12.

The post below was just on my Facebook page (August 8th) as I was thrilled to attend and cheer Warren and Pirate on at their most recent agility trial last weekend.
"Another successful pet owner doing fun things with his dog. Proud! Congratulations to Warren and Pirate and a fun weekend at the outstanding PASA agility trial. Nice results for such a young team (Pirate just turned 2!)
Q in Open Gambler
Q in Open Standard - 2nd place. 3.37 YPS
Q in Elite Standard - 3rd place. 3.90 YPS
Q in Elite Jumpers - 2nd place. 6.30 YPS
Q in Elite Jumpers - 4.86 YPS

Titles Earned this weekend:
Open Standard - RS-O
Elite Jumpers - JS-E."