Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quinn at 7 Months!

Stonepine Quintessential at EdenOak "Quinn" (Ch. Heatherhill No Stone Unturned "Turner"  x  Ch. Stonepine Sheer Silk "Sash")

"Quinn loves to swim and retrieve! She is doing great in classes and we took her on her first trip to a hotel - she stayed in a soft crate! Without issues. She will be going to Ferndale and Ventura at the end of the month. Faith's husband Kevin just loves her; he took care of her while we were in Pomona and he says she is easy...just likes to swim in their pool and he sometimes had a hard time keeping her out of it on the trip to the pasture to run!" LeeAnn

Week Two: Stevie-Deacon Litter

Yes! A second litter! I normally bred one or two litters a year. This is one of the two girls I was going to breed this year. Rather than having a winter litter I decided to do both a the same time. Please check in on my on a regular basis to make sure I am still alive by Week 8! Puppies are gorgeous, healthy and just starting to get mobile. Their eyes and ears should open this week and by next week they will be experimenting with food (puppy formula green tripe).

Week Three: ED-Enzo Litter

It's a big week for the pups; out of the whelping box and into the large puppy play pen. New surfaces, new toys, wide open spaces and starting to eat (puppy formula green tripe). A video is also available at: