Thursday, August 8, 2013

Proud as a Peach!

"Peaches and I started K9 Nose Work(r) training in early 2012.  At that time there were no Certified Nose Work Instructors in San Diego County so I joined the Instructors' program.

Peaches started as an undisciplined little bitch running from box to box for food.  We practiced and practiced and she has now become a methodical worker who hunts with precision.  She has earned her NW2 Title.  That is not to say she doesn't occasionally slip back into her more amusing moods.  I used her as a demo dog in a class right after we returned from the NW2 trial.  She checked every box, jumped the search are barrier and then jumped back in.  She checked all the boxes again and (I swear she winked at me) and proceeded to alert on the several hides.  She didn't want the game to end!

Peaches is my best teacher and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Sometimes more mischievous too."

Connie Kelly, CNWI & Peaches, NW2