Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Teamwork Par Excellent!

"I'm not very competitive, but I am very goal and achievement oriented. Jazz [Ch. Crazyheart's Talk To Me 'TJ' x Ch. Stonepine Shiraz 'Rozz']  has now accomplished all the agility goals I had for her, which just three years ago seemed so out of reach. She's earned her championship titles in both AKC and ASCA, she's qualified and competed in both the National Agility Championship and the ASCA Finals, she's won numerous year-end awards from USASA, and she's won several high-in-trial awards. This weekend the final box was checked as Jazz won PASA's Silver Buckle Award in the elite class for the year.  I could not be any prouder and I love my little red dog with all my heart. My only remaining goal is to run agility with the joy and abandon that she has and to try to be worthy of this awesome dog. --Kathy--"

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Our beloved breed is in transition...originally developed as a working stockdog in the western United States, these remarkably brilliant dogs have survived the industrial revolution and have adapted to varied lifestyles off the ranch. Their multiple unique qualities and the work of dedicated breeders have made this transition possible and have preserved the breed for future generations. A truly versatile breed.

Meet Dylan and Eevee...this is what makes it all worth it!

" I thought you might like to see a picture of Eevee. This is Eevee and Dylan's 10 week old and ten year old picture. Eevee is doing really well! She can sit, come, lay (70% of the time), leave a treat until told to 'take it,' fetch (60% of the time). We have not started classes yet, but can hardly wait."
from Dylan's mom

Monday, June 13, 2016

Stonepine Solaris

Hi Nannette, I was looking at your website the other day and realized I had not sent you photos of Solo (Ch. Heatherhill A Mitey Fine Man x Ch. Stonepine Silk). I took these today after our tracking practice.

She is a phenomenal, determined tracker, great nose work dog and her obedience career is taking off with high scores in Rally and Beginner novice. 

She is now Stonepine  Solaris, CGCA, TD, TDX, BN, RN, and got a full triple qualifier at her first nose work trial. I have really put that spotted nose to work. She also passed the first half of the HT.

Thank you so much for breeding her. She is fabulous…and pretty on top of it.

Nancy Frensley CPDT, CAP2,CNWI
Finesse Dog Training